Reverse Phone Lookup Nevada, NV

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Reverse Phone Lookup Nevada, NV

Finding out the owner of a certain phone number can be done using a reverse phone number search on this reverse phone number lookup service. You can even locate the owner of a phone number that has been calling you with a reverse phone lookup Nevada.

To achieve this, type the phone number on the lookup bar and search. This will bring back the name plus residential address of the owner of that particular number free of charge. You can also lookup the number that called you from the list of common numbers in Nevada below.

Most Reported Reverse Phone Lookups in Nevada

There are countless spam or unwelcomed numbers that exist in Nevada. A list of recently reported numbers is given below. More numbers are listed on the area code which you can find by visiting them. With this information, you can determine who a phone number belongs to.

Nevada’s Area Codes


702 – Located in southern Nevada, the area code covers places like the south eastern part of Nevada including Las Vegas metropolitan area. Find out more on area code 702 and its numbers that are most reported.

775 – Found in the central portion of Nevada, this area code has the entire part of Nevada outside the south eastern part including Carson City and Reno. Learn more details on area code 775 and numbers that are frequently reported in the area.