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Best Reverse Phone Lookup App

Are you looking for the best reverse phone lookup app? This article will list some of the apps that you can check out and their features (if available).  If you know of any other apps that are worth mentioning, please leave a comment below.

  1. Phone Number Lookup

    This app is one of the most comprehensive numbers lookup services on the market today. The service provides access to over 500 million telephone numbers along with their associated details like full address, city, and state information (according to your carrier’s data). You can get information on business names and websites via this app too!  The only downside to this app is that it lacks in-depth information such as emails and voicemails. However, if you’re looking for basic contact details, this could be an excellent choice.

  2. UsageTrackr

    This service was developed by a which claims to have over 6 million subscribers worldwide (on top of its 3 million users just within the US). The service displays information like name, address, phone number, and email address associated with a subscriber’s cell phone. It even includes other details like the carrier of the user’s device (AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile), as well as data usage and approximate location (via Google map).

  3. White Pages

    This app is designed for users who are seeking information about people with similar names to their own. This app provides you with more than 100 million records from local directories that have been compiled from various US cities (including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago). You can search by name or telephone number to get detailed results in seconds!

  4. Reverse Lookup

    This app provides you with access to millions of reverse phone lookup services all around the world! It uses your current location to provide you with relevant results for any area code within a 10-mile radius. For example, if you’re looking for contact details for someone in San Francisco then this could be a great choice, as it provides you with information on the following:  1. People who live in San Francisco and have their info on our database 2. People who work for companies that are located in San Francisco 3. Companies that are located in San Francisco 4. Businesses based in the city of San Francisco,  and more…

  5. Free Reverse

    This is another app designed for users looking for free reverse phone lookup services all over the world! This app utilizes your current location to provide you with many relevant results from related sites (in case there are any available). You can search by name or telephone number to get detailed results within seconds.

  6. Reverse Telephone Lookup

    This is one of my personal favorite apps because you can find out caller details, even if the call was from an unknown number. With over 10 million numbers in their database, you can easily do a phone search for numbers from different countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, etc.). So, if you want an app that will give you real results that you can use, try this reverse phone lookup app (android users).

  7. Address Finder

    This app is another one that allows you to get information about people’s addresses. This service provides you with access to millions of records from various US cities (including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago) in seconds! You can search by name or telephone number to get detailed results in seconds.

  8. Reverse Cell Lookup

    This app offers an alternative method of finding out information related to cell phones (iPhones/Android). If a person’s phone number has been used anywhere on Facebook then this service will provide you with all associated data like their address, mobile number, and email address. It also includes the carrier of their device (AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile).  This is one of the best app for reverse cell phone lookup that you will come across that will give you actual details.

Note: A reverse phone search from free white pages can give you the necessary information.

  1. Phone Lookup

    This is a free reverse phone lookup app that helps you find the owner of any mobile or landline telephone number. This reverse phone lookup app will allow you to figure out who owns any unknown mobile or landline numbers, even if they are not in your contact list and/or do not have their own caller ID displayed. With this amazing tool, you can quickly locate the owner of any unknown cell phone number (including blocked or burner numbers), and it may also be used to trace callers who call from a different area code than yours. You can use Phone Lookup to check on businesses as well as find out who called you.

  2. Caller ID Lookup

    This is another one of my favorite apps because it scans phone numbers from their database then tells you info related to the number, including who the owner is. This caller ID also works to block unwanted calls (telemarketers, robocalls, etc.).  This is one of the best android app for reverse phone lookup.

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