Free Reverse Phone Lookup in Arizona, AZ

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Free Reverse Phone Lookup in Arizona, AZ

A free reverse phone lookup Arizona can help you find out who owns a certain phone number. This is possible through a reverse phone number lookup in Arizona where you can find more on the phone number that called you. There are further searches from this that you can perform like a completely free phone number search with a name.

Just enter the phone number of the search bar and press search. The outcome will be the name and address of the person who owns the phone number which is free of charge. Below is a list of popular phone numbers where you can lookup whether the one that’s been calling you is one of them.

Most Reported Reverse Phone Numbers in Arizona

There are a number of spam or unwanted phone numbers in Arizona. The list below is of numbers that have been reported in Arizona. By going through the area codes offered on this site, you can find more phone numbers in that area code. With this information you can get more details on the number that has been bothering you.

Arizona Area Codes 


480 – Located in the eastern part of Phoenix, this area code has Chandler, queen Creek, Gilbert, Apache Junction, San Tan, Scottsdale, Mesa and Fountain Hills in it. You can have more details on area code 480 as well as its reported numbers.

520 – This area code is found on the southern part of Arizona. It covers such areas like Nogales, Tucson, Casa Grande and Tombstone. Find out more about area code 520 with its popular reported numbers.

602 – This area code is found on the western part of Arizona with places like Tempe, New River, Fort McDowell, Scottsdale, Chandler Cave Creek and Glendale. Find out more on area code 602 and its regularly reported phone numbers.

623 – Found on the western part of Arizona, this area code has locations like Goodyear, Glendale, Buckeye, Avondale, Sun City, Tollenson, Surprise, Litchfield, Peoria and a part of Phoenix. There are more details on area code 623 and its frequently reported phone numbers.

928 – Found in both the northern and western part of Arizona, this area code has the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Yuma, Prescott, Payson, Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Bullhead City, Beaver Dam/ Littlefield. Find more details on area code 928 plus its most reported numbers.