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What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Is there a number in your possession that you can’t seem to remember the owner of? Is there a phone number that has been consistently bothering you with calls? Or are simply curious about a number you found on your significant other’s phone or your child? A free reverse phone number lookup from this site will help you find those answers.

A reverse phone number search is a service offered online by people search websites. It is a situation whereby individuals try to search for information on a phone number they have with them through mostly the above listed circumstances. The sites that offer these reverse phone number searches vary in the methods they use.

Phone Number Lookup by State

What Information Can You find in a Reverse Phone Lookup?

The details that are in the white pages data are the phone number, its owner and their current address. So searches with a name result in a phone number and residential address. This is called a Name Search

Searches with a phone number result in revealing the owner of that phone number plus their current residential address. This is referred to as a Reverse Phone Lookup. Searching with a residential address then will give you the name of the person on that address and their phone number. This is called a Reverse Address Lookup. This is basically how sites with white pages operates. It is worth mentioning that all these types of searches are totally free from this site.

Is CallDigger a Seriously Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Searches offered on this site are absolutely and totally free of charge. No fee or payments of some sort will be required from you to be able to perform a search. You will also not be needed to offer any information on yourself to conduct a search. The only thing you will need is the phone number only and you are good to go.

How to Conduct a Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

To perform a reverse phone number lookup on the site, you will need to ent

er the phone number on the search bar and click on search. This will then reveal to you the full name of the person the number is registered to and their residential address. This is the basic results you will be able to get from a free reverse phone search.

Another result might be a business name and its residential address if the number was registered to a business.

How Area Codes Can Help You on a Reverse Phone Lookup

Area codes are popularly known as the three digit numbers that help identify or represent a certain telephone service area in a particular country. They are prefixes to telephone number of a particular area. They are used when conducting long distance phone calls.

An area code is dialled before the number if the call is meant for someone who is not in the same area. With an area code, you can find out where the person who called you or find out whose number is this that you have with you. See US Area Codes

Most Reported Reverse Phone Lookups in the United States

Each state in the United States does have spam or annoying numbers that constantly call people. You can view the most common numbers from this site. Go through those numbers and try to find if it’s not among them.

Where Does CallDigger Get Its Phone Book Directory Information From?

This site aggregates such publicly available information and offer it for free online hence the availability of a reverse phone lookup process. We scour the internet for information that is legally available on public platforms and public it on the site as well. The users are free to request a removal or to make an update, which is typically done within 48 hours.

Free Reverse Phone Lookups Online Warning!

There are sites that promise to offer a free reverse phone number search only to find that it’s not the case. There are sites who are after your personal information. They will trick you into giving up personal details on yourself to add it on their database. Be cautious of sites that would ask for your full name, email address and other personal information on a free search. Other sites might try to trick you into later paying for this information. They will make the search process as long as possible with a progress bar. They will then have you invested in the search process such that you end up paying for the information. A free reverse phone number search should take about a second to give results. If it takes longer than that then you should be worried. So if you are looking for a free reverse phone number search site, you will need to be careful.